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An excellent active ingredient in the cosmetics industry: the Dragon's Blood

The legend of the Dragon's Blood

Because mature skins do need increased cell regeneration, EKIA based its research on a novel active ingredient having extraordinary properties and coming from the heart of the rich Amazonian rainforest: the sap of Sangre Del Drago (also known as "Dragon's Blood" because of its blood-like red colour).

The Croton Lechleri, a medium-size to large-size tree from which the sap is extracted, is one of “pioneer” species, since in forests where wildlife or human living has disappeared, it is one of the first species to be able to grow again.

The sap, with exceptional healing virtues, has been recognized and used for centuries by the peoples living in Latin America in two ways: internally to cure ulcers and externally to speed the healing of wounds up.

At the heart of each EKIA skincare prevails an extraordinary regenerating power.

The fibroblasts, cells that exist in the dermis, produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
The sap has scientifically been tested. It was found out that it strongly stimulated the renewal of cells, more particularly those of mature skins: +40% of new cells within 24 hours! *
*In vitro testing. The results concerned the fibroblasts of the face skin.

Thanks to its concentration in polyphenols and tannins, it has also a protective and restorative action (anti-inflammation and healing).

The sap formula as it is can be found in all EKIA range of skincare products, without being extracted, since it has been proven to be four times more effective when raw than when its molecules were isolated.
The specificity of EKIA consists in combining it with other active ingredients carefully selected for their proven effectiveness.

The following video shows how Dragon's blood is extracted and explains its properties.