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Mature skins

What is a mature skin ?

The woman’s age does not determine whether her skin is mature or not, but rather her hormonal status does: during the menopause or even the pre-menopause, the skin knows huge changes.

The decline in the production of female hormones, i.e. estrogen and progesterone, causes physical imbalance that impacts the aspect of skin. Generally speaking, that results in:

  • A skin that is often dry although the skin can sometimes also experience sudden eruption of acne (being due to a larger extent to androgenic hormones).  The classical types of skin (such as oily skin, combination skin, dry skin) should no longer exist;
  • Wrinkles that are more visible;
  • Loss of skin firmness, with the oval of the face that is sagging;
  • A more or less dull complexion and age spots due to a disorder in melanocytes;
  • Greater skin sensitivity, redness of the skin;
  • Thicker skin surface (horny layer of epidermis or stratum corneum), rougher skin.


EKIA innovation: unique expertise in mature skins


What is the most important when you buy a face treatment? Is it your age or what your skin actually needs?

EKIA has scientifically proven that the mature characteristic of skin has nothing to do with age, but it is strongly related to the personal life experience.

Based on the findings of this study, EKIA has consequently defined a new typology of mature skins.



Not only 1, but 3 different types of mature skins

At EKIA, we consider that it is the story of your skin that makes it what it is today. It also determines its current needs, and not its age.
Our clinical research evidenced that there were not just one, but three different types of mature skins, each one of them having their own story and their own specific needs.

Just one moisturizing agent or an anti-winkles one is no longer enough…

The specificity of mature skin is thus to be subject to increased skin aging signs that all appear at the same time.
This type of skin needs appropriate skincare that tackles every sign of age.

With respect to the above findings, EKIA can respond in formulating an efficient global anti-aging skincare range.