Ekia : the very first brand dedicated to mature skin

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The Origins of EKIA

Ms. Carine Mudry, the president and founder of EKIA, made a career within a major international cosmetics company. When she had the results of surveys in hands that she read carefully within her professional duties, she had no rest until she found an answer to her questions.

The first finding was that women being of the same age have a different type of skin and therefore their skin needs were not all the same ones.

The second finding was that the most important for a face is obviously what the skin actually needs.

The third finding evidenced that what is true at 30 is even more so 20 or 25 years later. The reason for that is the actual experience for each skin that ends up being the main criterion for change.
This gives rise to another question: why do nearly all cosmetics brands offer a range of skincare that takes into consideration the age or simplified types of skins only?
How can we offer women appropriate skin care that best matches their specific needs and based on scientific research? Can it be possible with organic products?

The early studies have established that organic cosmetics, with the same active ingredients, are more efficient than other ingredients, because natural molecules are immediately identified by the body and thus accepted whereas the same molecules that are of chemical origin are more often than not poorly metabolized or even rejected by the body’s natural defenses.

Carine Mudry discovered an excellent ingredient that has never been used so far in the cosmetics industry: the sap of the Sangre Del Drago tree, the dragon's blood. It is found in the rainforests of Upper Amazon. The sap has been well-known for thousands of years and has been used for its exceptional healing virtues by the South American tribes.

This new ingredient required two years for realizing thorough studies and researches in order to combine its regenerating principle with a curative complex formulated with 6 additional active ingredients.

In 2007, the studies resulted in the launch of a skincare range having proven effectiveness acknowledged by clinical tests that were realized on collaboration with a famous university hospital in france. The test results evidenced that this active ingredient led to an increase in cell regeneration by 40% within only 24 hours. And the more mature the skin, the more effective the ingredient.

These extraordinary results that now are acknowledged as a reference will be a determining factor in creating an organic certified brand dedicated to mature skins.
EKIA, resulting from the marriage between nature and science, was born…