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The clinical effectiveness of EKIA skincare range

EKIA, one of the few organic brands that evidences the effectiveness of its skincare

With this clinical research, EKIA has gone one step further , giving evidence of the quality of its products through clinical effectiveness tests.

They were carried out over a 3-month period with a sample of 30 women. The results were measured through the latest technology (bio metrological measuring devices) and standardized photographs, i.e. taken in a dark room with a constant light in the same direction, in a device that keeps the testing device in an identical position. Thus there is no light effect, no change of position, no photoshop corrections.

These tests were realized under the supervision of an independent dermatologist.

Display of the company Skin Exigence by her creator, Sophie MAC Mary


Results in pictures:

Wrinkles D-0   Wrinkles D-90
Front D-0   Front D-90
Brown spots D-0   Brown spots D-90


  • A finer skin texture: -71% of skin roughness *
  • Reduced pigment spots: - 40% ** in the size and frequency of spots
  • Firmer skin: - 42% *** in skin anti-slackening
  • Smooth skin:  -78%*** for wrinkles

Results are based on a sample of 30 women with protected mature skin having used Initial Cream every morning and evening over a 3-month period.
*: for 90% of the volunteers
**: for 50% of the volunteers
***: for 66% of the volunteers


Evolution of skin surface at 0 month, 2 months and 3 months on the bridle

Green for the skin, red and yellow for zones in relief (skin blemishes, skin texture thick, granular),light blue for fine lines, dark blue for deep wrinkles and pink for very deep wrinkles.